With the new generation of Australian’s not connecting with the Australian Geographic brand, we were asked to rejuvenate it and create a series of in store campaigns that attracted them once again.


Our first task was to breathe new life into the tired brand. We started with a simple thought - the geometry of our great land. From our iconic mountain ranges, to the DNA that makes us who we are, each of these forms a geometric pattern for each of our communication pillars.


We looked at our identity, giving it a cleaner look to work alongside our new brand sentiment - Feed Curious Minds.

Client: Australian Geographic

Project: Brand Reinvention

Feed Curious Minds

The brand was brought to life monthly in-store and online with a umber of themed campaigns around each of our core communication pillars. Whether we be educating the next generation on the conservation of our planet, or blasting them off into the stratosphere, there was always something new for us to talk about.


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