With the Chang Beer brand platform 'We Brew Friendship' now established in their home territory, Chang needed a campaign to further show Thailand that they are the brand when it comes to bringing friends together.

For their 2016 Brand Campaign, we created 'There's Nothing We Wouldn't Do for Friends'. A campaign platform that allowed us to establish a conversation with our drinkers about the lengths they go to for their friends.

We picked three highly regarded local celebrities; Dome Pakorn Lum, a Thai pop star and DJ Poom and Petjah, two MTV presenters. We then interviewed them to uncover real stories about what they have done for their friends. These stories were then turned into our ATL stories, and with an added Chang flair, ignited the interest in going the extra mile for friends.

Outdoor & social supported the trio of TVC's, and the entire campaign was given a Hollywood feel to it, after all, these are the real stories of real stars.

Client: Chang Beer

Project: 2016 Brand Campaign

Nothing We Wouldn't Do

TVC 1: The Heist

Based on the true story of Dome, we brought to life a scenario in which friends were putting on a surprise party for an unknowing friend. Taking cues from gangster movies such as Ocean's 11, we made the entire thing feel like an elaborate heist.

TVC 2: Grand Theft Auto

In another true story, we see a tale of when DJ Poom once helped a friend out with a business venture, of course without him knowing a thing. Taking inspiration from movies such as 'The Fast & The Furious' we made the tale feel like an action movie.

TVC 3: The Charmer

In our final story, we see our charmer, DJ Petjah as he sneaks his way around town ith a number of different women. Known for his player mentality in his home country, this story shows a shock twist - that he isn't of course sleeping around but doing something nice.Tonally we took cues fromplayer-like films such as Alfie.

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