Over its 20 year history, Chang Beer has fallen out of favour with people under 25. It was time for a restart, and to take Thailand’s favourite beer back to the top. But the problem? Thailand is a dark market, so how can you launch a brand new bottle without even showing it in any of our comms?


Introducing #ChangNewLook, a campaign built around looking at things you thought you loved but with a fresh perspective.


Using a bold, 90 degree style on all of our communication we were able to get people to look twice at our message, and ultimately the brand. We used a bright, visual style that was rolled out on all our assets right
through the line. 

Client: Chang

Project:Bottle Relaunch






Through Instagram, we asked the whole of Thailand to share their #ChangNewLook images, rotating it to make their friends look twice. The best were rewarded with great prizes for them and their friends. We kick started the campaign with a famous local football club, Buriram F.C. as well as social media influencers.



With the success of the new launch in the local market of Thailand, we were challenged to extend the campaign to the rest of Asia. A series of new shots were created for ATL, this time with the new bottle at the heart.

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