With unwanted and unwatched DVD’s sitting redundant in people’s homes, many of which containing movies from the 90’s, we needed to clear things up. And who better than to clear out your old DVD’s then one of 90’s most iconic figures. Australia, meet Jean-Claude Van Damme


We created the DVD Amnesty, a chance for Australia to clean out their unwanted DVD’s and get $5 Cash-Back on a new Sony Pictures title.


The campaign ran across TV and Press, with all touch points pointing to an online hub. Here, visitors could meet and interact with Jean-Claude Van Damme, our ambassador, while he was working 24/7 in our DVD HQ.

Client: Sony Pictures

Project: DVD Cashback Campaign

DVD Amnesty

Through the campaign hub, users had the ability to ‘Report a Collection’ and add them to our ‘Wall of Shame’. Here, users could pick one of their Facebook friends, and upload their image into a video with JCVD himself. We created 2 videos, one for the guys and another for the ladies. Through Facebook, people could also Van-Dammize their name, sharing a special nickname with friends.




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