Myer wanted to re-launch the children’s department of their Sydney flagship store.We gave them more than a store. We gave them a world.

Wonderland by Myer brings world class, interactive shopping to the top floor of Myer’s flagship Sydney City store. The entire store has been hand illustrated from the ground up to bring to life children’s favorite stories. Over 2,500 unique illustrations live in the space, layered with beautiful coloured lighting to create a world like no other.

The cityscape within features 6ft interactive screens, an ever-changing 260º cinematic dome, bespoke POS terminals and multiple hand drawn backdrops for photo opportunities. And of course, the black and white nature of our brand really make the brands within stand out.

Client: Myer

Project: Children's Department Transformation

Wonderland by Myer

From the branding and the bespoke typography to the technology and experiences that live within, right down to the uniforms that adorn our staff, the Wonderers; the entire world was created by from scratch, creating a sub brand for Myer within the retail environment. It’s a permanent destination that will live on for many years, changing with the seasons but always giving visitors a reason to return and explore.

Interactive screens in the heart of the store allowed children to send postcards of their trip. Using Microsoft Kinect technology, children could choose scenes and play about in them, moving snow, blimps and other interactive elements around before posing for a photo.

We created a store entrance like no other. A lift was taken over to become a rocket ship, firing people high above the city of Sydney, through the clouds and into Wonderland.

Journey To Wonderland

Greetings From Wonderland

Interactive Screens

ABOVE: Initial wireframe sketches of the user experience. Particular attention was paid to making the gestures as magic as possible.

ABOVE: User experience diagram to show how a user would navigate through the scenes and ultimately share their postcard.

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