The 5 cent piece is useless to the average Australian, you probably wouldn’t even pick one up off the ground. But to a child in the developing world, 5 cents is powerful.


5 Fund is a Unicef Change for Good initiative that simply asks each and every Australian to give just one 5 cent piece. Together, we can raise over a million dollars to help children around the globe and turn the most useless coin in Australia into the most powerful coin in the world.

Client: Unicef

Project: Change For Good

5 Fund

The campaign ran onboard Qantas planes through their entertainment service and at the airport where specially designed bins allowed people to donate their money. Through social media, people were educated on the worth of a single 5 cent coin as well as being encouraged to snap a photo of a single 5 cent piece to give to the ever-growing 5 Fund.

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