Samsung had a big problem on their hands. With select Top Loader Washing Machines blowing up around Australia, and nearly 100,000 homes at risk, Samsung needed to find the potentially dangerous machines and they needed to find them fast.


Introducing ‘Urgent Detergent’. We created an alarming new washing powder brand, and using huge data analytics managed to find the potentially at risk areas. We then posted special packs out to homes within this radius.


Upon receiving the packs, consumers are alerted to the risks, and as they open the pack, will not only find a sample of washing powder, but all the information they need to check their washing machine and make sure they are safe.

Client: Samsung

Project: Washing Machine Recall

Urgent Detergent

By creating a new media channel, we were able to disrupt the traditional forms of communication and put life saving information into the owners hands at the point in which they interact with their machine. ATL media was used to raise awareness as well as social media, where people could claim their own free sample if they thought they might be at risk.

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