Xperia Social Xperiments is a platform to show off the incredible social features of the new Sony Xperia handset.


The first Xperiment asked a simple question. How liked can one man become in one day? But this Xperiment had a twist. Run under lab conditions, the participant would have no connection to the outside world other than a live video connection and their Xperia handset.


We put Australian comedian Tommy Little in our Xperia lab for one day and filmed the entirety of what happened. Every single second of it. Viewers then interacted with him directly through his X10, setting him challenges along the way. Tommy got up to some crazy stuff, from waxing his legs to prank-calling people in the cinema.


The campaign launched just weeks after the Facebook Like button, putting it to the ultimate test. 

Client: Sony Ericsson

Project: Xperia 10 Handset Launch

Xperia Xperiments

Campaign Video

Website & Facebook App

Highlight Content

Within 48 hours of the live stream ending, we edited 10 videos, dropped each day for 10 days. This kept the conversation going long after the campaign end.

Teaser Content

To raise awareness of the event, we created a series of comic teasers starring Tommy Little. These drove people to the site and add a reminder to their Facebook calendar.

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